Real-Resumes for Supply & Logistics Jobs
Editor Anne McKinney

No matter what industry is targeted--grocery, retail, hazardous materials, construction, transportation, the medical field, trucking and transportation--the reader will find outstanding samples of resumes and cover letters used by real people to obtain jobs related to supply and logistics. Also included are samples of the federal "resumix" as well as the write-ups for the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) often required for government jobs.
"Provides industry-specific resume examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific winning strategies based on real-world resumes." - The Midwest Book Review

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Table of Contents
Introduction 1

PART ONE: Some Advice About Your Job Hunt 1
Step One: Planning Your Career Change and Assembling the Right Tools 4
Step Two: Using Your Resume and Cover Letter 6
Step Three: Preparing for Interviews 9
Step Four: Handling the Interview and Negotiating Salary 11
Looking Closer: The Anatomy of a Cover Letter 14

PART TWO: Real-Resumes & Cover Letters For Supply & Logistics Jobs 17
Assistant Shipment Manager 18
Automated Logistical Specialist 20
Automotive Management Specialist 22
Aviation Supply Supervisor 24
Chief of Supply Operations 26
Courier, Supervisor, and Training Specialist 28
Director of Logistics and Budgeting 30
Director of Medical Logistics Support 32
Director of Operations, Administration, and Logistics 34
Equipment Fielding Project Manager 36
Environmental Logistics Manager 38
Executive Logistics Program Student 40
Freight Processing Specialist 42
Independent Contractor 44
Industrial Supply Manager 46
International Logistics Manager 48
Logistical Officer 50
Logistical Operations Coordinator 52
Logistics Chief 54
Logistics Management Officer 56
Logistics Management Specialist 58
Logistics Manager 60
Logistics Manager 62
Logistics Manager 64
Logistics Manager 66
Logistics Manager 68
Logistics Manager and Advisor 70
Logistics Operations Director 72
Logistics & Operations Director 74
Logistics Operations Manager 76
Logistics Operations Supervisor 78
Logistics Planning Manager 80
Logistics Staff Officer 82
Maintenance & Contracts Manager 84
Maintenance & Logistics Operations Manager 86
Material Control Chief 88
Material Management Section Supervisor 90
Medical Supply and Logistics Manager 92
Operations Manager 94
Personnel Administration and Supply Operations Manager 96
Plans Officer 98
Property Accountability Section Supervisor 100
Property Chief 102
Purchasing Agent and Supply Section Supervisor 104
Purchasing Agent and Unit Supply Specialist 106
Sales Representative, Warranty Manager, & Shipping Manager 108
Senior Logistician and Consultant for Training and Personnel Support 110
Senior Logistics Advisor 112
Senior Supply Operations Manager 114
Shipping Supervisor 116
Special Inventory Clerk 118
Supervisor for Mobility and Logistics Support 120
Supervisor for Office and Training Operations 122
Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist 124
Supply Advisor and Manager 126
Supply Manager 128
Technical Inspector 130
Traffic Manager 132
Transportation Manager 134
Transportation Operations Manager 136
Warehouse Manager 138
Warehouse Manager 140
Warehouse Records Technician 142
Warehouse Supervisor 144

PART THREE: Applying For Federal Government Jobs 147
Accounting & Supply Technician (Federal Resume or Resumix) 148
Customer Service Rep & Equipment Coordinator (Federal Resume or Resumix) 152
Logistician (Federal Resume or Resumix) 154
Logistics Chief (Federal Resume or Resumix) 156
Logistics Manager (Federal Resume or Resumix) 158
Material Examiner & Logistics Manager (Federal Resume or Resumix) 160
Medical Supply Manager (Federal Resume or Resumix) 162
Supply Manager (Federal Resume or Resumix) 164
Supply Manager (Federal Resume or Resumix) 166
Supply Clerk KSA: Ability to Communicate Orally 168
Supply Clerk KSA: Ability to Communicate in Writing 169
Supply Specialist KSA: Ability to perform SARSS catalog research and file management 170
Supply Specialist KSA: Ability to provide technical advice on SARSS-1 procedures 171
Supply Supervisor KSA: Knowledge of Impact of DLA Logistical Support to Military Services Readiness 172
Supply Supervisor KSA: Knowledge of Supply Management Logistical Functions such as Supply, Procurement, Transportation, Cataloguing, Provisioning, Storage, Distribution 174
Supply Supervisor KSA: Knowledge of DoD Major Supply Program Goals, Objectives, Work Processes, and Administrative Operations 176